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The Art of Layering

Emily Addshoppers

Posted on November 09 2015

Layering clothing and accessories in the fall has continued to be a reoccurring trend and does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe you’ve mastered the art, or maybe you still find yourself a little lost as to where to start and you're wondering how to make your outfits look so effortless you could swear you “woke up like that.”

If you’re still trying to get your layering game on point, I’ve come up with a few key rules to follow to get you on your way to cozy, stylish comfort.

Rule 1: Start with a focal piece, and work your way out from there.

Just like painting a picture, or planning your day, you need to pick one item that you can build your look around. You don’t want pieces competing with each other, so keep it simple and pick your favorite sweater, pant, or accessory that will stand above the rest.

sweater layering


Rule 2: Layer colors with confidence.

Don’t be afraid to mix colors. The right blue and orange can go together beautifully (like the muted orange scarf and the dusted teal dress in the photo). Opt for olive green booties instead of brown or black!

vest layering


Rule 3: The right accessory details can be subtle but noticeable!

Even folding your socks a certain way can change your whole outfit! (I’m a big fan of folded knit socks with booties and dresses.) Another example is the way you wear a scarf. It can change an outfit from professional to cozy and comfortable.

There are many ways to layer whether its varying hemlines, colorblocking or textures. Check out the links below to shop the styles in each photo!

Photo 1:
Brown Denim Jeans are from Harper Boutique
Photo 2:
Blog by Carol Jensky


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