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Light Packing Tips for Your Summer Vacay (Saving room for souvenirs won't be a problem!)

Leah Riffle

Posted on June 08 2015

Being a fashionable chick and going on vacation is tough. For one, who really wants to pay to check a bag? Most importantly, why can’t all my best shoe friends go with me? A girl needs options at her disposal. That’s why I’m sharing these easy packing tips to make sure you’ve got the inside scoop on packing smart and still looking good!

Light Packing Tips for your Summer Vacay

For my ten day trip to Chicago, I brought only a rolling carry on bag of items and a backpack. I’m all about cheap travel and packing light. Most airlines allow for one carry on and a personal item, which in this case I was able to stuff my crossbody purse into my backpack with no problem.  

Space Saving Optimization

  • Use the space inside of your shoes to pack things such as undergarments or small non-liquid toiletries. (Bonus: This helps keep your shoe’s form while traveling.)
  • Roll your clothing instead of folding.
  • For sleepwear or active wear, pack old shirts or tanks that you can leave at the hotel to make more room available as you travel.
  • If you are bringing a jacket or sweater, carry that out of your suitcase onto the plane for more room. Besides, those airplanes tend to really crank up the air conditioning!

Packing items that allow for outfit versatility is really key. Day to night outfits with just a shoe or top change is going to save you room and stress! Here's a top I packed: Cherry Blossom Top, and loved the pop of color it added to my wardrobe! Also, finding a crossbody that can double as a clutch is an outfit saver! Don’t forget to check the weather for each day you will be there.

Lay out your outfits before you pack them. This is something that I’ve come to realize is a must do. Throwing things into a suitcase prolongs the packing process! It's easy to forget what's at the bottom and you could end up unpacking 3 times to see if that top really does look great with those jeans.

Shoes will always take up the most room and it’s what I have the hardest time leaving behind. I ended up packing 3 pairs of shoes which consisted of a pair of cute, low heeled sandals, slip on flats, and stylish tennis shoes for chilly days. My rule of thumb is something dressy, something casual, and something for warm weather. Make sure they are all comfortable shoes that you’ve tested out on previous outings before. Nothing is worse than sore feet!

If you plan to do some shopping damage on vacation, packing a small duffle or other collapsible bag into your carry on will be beneficial. You can avoid having to buy an extra bag at the destination and will at least save money by having no baggage fee on the way there!

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