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DIY Upcycled Pear Christmas Ornament

Thu Tran

Posted on December 19 2014

The holiday season, while being the cause for festive gatherings and delicious treats, also allows for some great crafting opportunities! I find this time of year sparks my creativity more than usual and wanted to share this super easy, affordable, and fun ornament idea which can easily turn into a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who wonders what can be created with burnt out light bulbs. I feel bad just throwing them away, and was really excited to find this DIY to finally upcycle them. The outcome is beautifully festive!

Supplies Needed:

Light bulb(s)

Spray Adhesive



Small Fake Leaves

Glue Gun


Small Bowl


Before you begin, make sure you put down paper that you can work on. The glitter combined with the spray adhesive gets messy. Fill your bowl with the glitter you will be using.

Step 1: Spray the light bulb with the adhesive and spoon the glitter over the bulb so the entire surface is covered. I added a second coating and more adhesive!

TIP: DO NOT spray the bulb near your bowl of glitter or pointed towards anything you do not mean to get tacky. The adhesive will stay slightly sticky on surfaces it lands on.


Step 2: Allow ample drying time (your adhesive spray can should give you a wait time, I allowed about 20 minutes) During this time you can begin to construct your bow. I made sure the bow would stay by hot gluing the ribbons in the center together.

Step 3: Use your hot glue to glue the string and fake leaves onto the silver part of your bulb (it will be covered by the ribbon). Wrap a section of ribbon around the silver part of the bulb, covering the stem of the leaves and ends of the string, and secure with a dot of hot glue. Make sure the ribbon ends in the front so that the bow will cover it.

Step 4: Attach the bow with hot glue.

HOORAY! Thats it! Your ornament is finished and will probably need a little more time to dry before hanging. Some glitter may still be loose so make sure to try and shake off the glitter over your work surface before you fully clean up!

Thanks to Carol Jensky for sharing this fun and creative DIY Blog!

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